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/!\ Error in the tutorial, 1 shop = 2000 people satisfied /!\

"1973 – Kowloon

You are the new Kowloon’s Walled City manager. This China’s enclave is small, and your goal is to have the maximum population living in this space. But pay attention! Keep the population’s satisfaction to its maximum possible. In other words, do not let the population overgrow."

Made for Weekly Game Jam 7


Kowloon's Overgrow.zip 169 MB


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Really interesting! My best score was 49K in 325 days.

I agree with @daria2b, I had the same kind of experience at some point. I wonder if it could be solved with some kind of feedback, like how close you are to starting to lose some satisfaction?

Anyway, it's true that you might have to spend some time re-balancing the mechanics. But good job at making this prototype!

I liked the visual experience with packing all these buildings in a small area, and I enjoyed trying to figure out the game mechanics and find out the best strategy.

The tutorial is a nice touch too!

Woops! I didn't intend to post this comment on WGJ account. Too much multitasking :D

Great concept. I got to 57K+ people who lived in the city for 668 days. Don't know if it's a good score or not. 

There was little bug that was quite confusing with buildings disappearing. Not sure if it was intended.

I also found that so some time there was nothing happening, then suddently satsfaction gets affected and it decreases so fast, that you just need to click on a block and build a shop as fast as you can before it reaches 0. But if you have not enough money you definitely have no time to wait for more money to arrive. I gues it's quite difficult to balance.

57k might be a good score I think, I don't really know what's the max you could do.

About the buildings disappearing, it's not a bug, it's because when you want to select a block, the buildings in front of this block should disappear to let you see more clearly.

Game balance is really bad, I spent too much time doing other things, so this is the most correct thing I came up with. 1 shop = 2000 ppl satisfied (tutorial said 1000, my bad) so that's maybe why it was suddenly!

Thanks for the feedback anyways :D

About the buildings disappearing, I thought it was a bug too :)

I think it's a good idea to let see through the buildings to place something behind, it all makes sense now. But in this case you could for instance make them semi-transparent instead, or show a 2d version of them on the ground to make it obvious they are still here.

I was thinking of something to show the player why they weren't there yeah but I didn't take time for this ^^